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One of the most difficult aspects of banking and finance law is to know the right questions to ask. A variety of state and federal laws may apply to a single banking or financial transaction, and the interplay of regulations may be difficult to decipher.

Deciphering Your Federal And State Legal Obligations

Federal law may impose reporting requirements upon financial institutions that conduct banking activities or transactions involving securities. Corporate mergers or even daily business or personal financial transactions may implicate antitrust, federal and state tax liabilities, and various other regulations intended to achieve a balance between free market commerce and consumer protections. As a creditor, you may need to consider foreclosure to recover your secured interest in a property. Yet if you do not take a proactive approach, you may quickly find compliance to seem burdensome, if not impossible.

Offering Transactional Due Diligence And Creative Business Solutions

We have the experience to comprehensively advise you of the legal implications of any proposed financial transactions. Our services include detailed transactional due diligence, document review, overseeing secured transactions and business counseling. Whether you are a business owner, financing entity or a consumer, it is important to make an informed business decision.

We do exhaustive investigative research to make you aware of all of your options. Specifically, a comprehensive contract will describe not only all essential terms and conditions for a project, but also anticipate and address potential risks and liabilities. A contract should also specify actions that may be taken when unexpected contingencies occur, such as delays caused by regulatory, financing or other issues.

Our business advocacy may also result in creative suggestions. We review your financial contracts with an eye not only toward their fairness, but also with regard to how they contribute toward ongoing business relationships. For example, it may be in your interest to set up a separate business entity, such as an LLC, for any new rental your business wants to purchase.

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