How is theft defined in Pennsylvania?

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The crime of theft can take many different forms. This is why it is defined in different ways under the law. Categories of theft also differ significantly between states. This article will focus on how theft is defined in Pennsylvania, and on the main categories of theft in the state.

If you have been accused of theft in Pennsylvania, you should immediately take action to understand the legal consequences that you could face and the steps you should take to defend yourself.

What are the definitions of theft in Pennsylvania?

Different types of theft are written into Pennsylvania law. The main categories of theft in the state are theft by deception, theft of services and retail theft. The severity of the consequences faced as a result of being found guilty of any of these types of theft is determined by the circumstances surrounding the test, and the value and nature of the assets that were stolen.

Theft by deception

Theft by deception is the act of taking assets unlawfully by lying to the owner or deceiving them in some way. For example, if a person was given funds to invest by another, they will be trusted by the investor. If they use the funds for themselves and deceived the investor by saying that the investment was unsuccessful, they would be committing theft by deception.

Theft of services

Theft of services can often occur between businesses and customers. For example, if a construction company performs a job for a customer and they are not paid for their time due to some disagreement, the customer may be accused of theft of services. These instances can have the potential to become very complex because sometimes the customer will accuse the contractor of not performing the job adequately or competently.

Retail theft

Retail theft is more casually known as shoplifting. If a person deprives a store of assets intended for commercial sale in Pennsylvania, they may be charged with retail theft.

If you have been accused of any type of theft in Pennsylvania, you must take swift action to understand the possible options for defending yourself. A strong defense is key if you want to avoid legal consequences.

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