Theft Crimes

Pennsylvania law defines the criminal offense of theft as an intentional taking of another’s property. The intent may take many forms, including deception, extortion or withholding. What remains constant is our meticulous approach to criminal defense.

Our firm has many years of experience in criminal law. We have seen examples of overly aggressive enforcement, often accompanied by incomplete police procedures. If a Fourth Amendment argument to exclude improperly obtained evidence is viable, we immediately get to work. We also rely on our experience to evaluate the litigation hazards of your case. Our negotiations may result in an outright dismissal of the charges, or significantly reduce your charges and penalties.

Technology has recently transformed the way Pennsylvania authorities enforce state theft laws. Authorities now launch sting operations targeting online identity theft or fraudulent financial transactions. These may be underway for months before an accused even learns he or she is under investigation. As with a traditional investigation, authorities must obtain search warrants for any regulatory inspections and interviews. However, authorities in this situation have months of preparation to their advantage. We know how to act quickly to protect your rights throughout this process.

Cases of theft by deception may also involve complex financial documents. The prosecutors may need to offer explanations to the jury when they offer these documents into evidence. Yet such explanations may be open to cross-examination. If there is an alternate interpretation available, we will make that argument to the jury. There is no substitute for our many years of litigation experience. We know how to expose flaws in a prosecutor’s case.

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