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The use and development of real estate is regulated by land use regulations, the most commonly used of which is zoning. Municipalities use zoning to control and direct property development within their borders. If you have a zoning or land use development issue that requires a variance, conditional use or another special exception, it is in your best interests to seek a skilled municipal law attorney.

Spitler, Kilgore & Enck, PC, is a Lebanon, Pennsylvania, based law firm that represents clients in a variety of municipal law issues, including those related to zoning and land use. We also advocate on our clients’ behalf in front of municipal boards for other matters pertaining to their municipality such as dangerous potholes and sidewalks, unfinished roads or storm water runoff issues in subdivisions. As a well-established firm with roots dating back to the 1940s, we have the knowledge base to effectively and efficiently handle your case.

We are fully prepared to assist you with even the most complex land use and zoning issue. Call us at 717-769-1794 to schedule an initial consultation.

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The courts permit land use and zoning regulations if they:

  • Are reasonable and not arbitrary
  • Bear substantial relation to public health, safety, comfort, general welfare and morals
  • If the means used to employ are reasonable for the purpose they mean to accomplish

These guidelines are subjective and often leave room for disagreement regarding interpretation, sometimes resulting in litigation.

With legal careers dating back to the 1970s, our Lebanon municipal law attorneys are fully prepared to assist with all types of municipal law, land use and zoning issues. We have an extensive background as legal representatives in these types of matters, and we have appeared before municipal zoning hearing boards for individuals and businesses, including those in the sewer and water industries.

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